My work history includes leading successful franchises and products at companies like Shutterfly and Zynga, achieving billions of downloads as well as billions of dollars in gross revenue. Prior to my career in product design, I helped build a brand and design company from the ground up, personally producing work for notable clients like Bank of America, NBC Sports, Fox Network, The San Francisco Giants, and more.


I possess a solid creative foundation with deep understanding of design, layout, color, and composition. I have an innate love for problem-solving, which constantly compels me to dissect any given product in order to simplify and innovate on its usability and push its design forward. I am well-versed in design, prototyping, production, and animation software, and am also comfortable with basic design coding, allowing me to anticipate and build around technical capabilities or limitations.


I have passion for leading, mentoring, and coaching individuals, helping them build skills and grow their careers, which, in turn, helps teams run at their full potential. I embrace and encourage collaboration across teams, which helps us all align on the same goals while respecting our personal processes and needs. I strive to bring out the best in everyone I work with, nurturing relationships and contributing to fun, healthy work cultures.


Margaret Ng

Development Leadership

(Directly managed Romeo)

Romeo is a special breed of leader. He easily garners the respect of his team for not only his artistic skills but also his managerial skills. He works through his team, not above the team. He empowers them and inspires them to do their very best work, even under trying and stressful circumstances. As good as he is, he is continuously looking for ways to be better in his craft and his leadership skills. And to top it off, the guy has got a heart of gold.











+ Wireframing

+ Visual Design

+ Prototyping

+ Information Architecture

+ User Research

+ Competitive Analysis

+ Graphic Design

+ Typography

+ Iconography

+ Vector Illustration

+ Digital Painting

+ Preproduction, Vis Dev

+ Motion Graphics

+ Video Editing

+ Photography

+ Basic Coding 

  (HTML, CSS, Javascript)

+ Sketch

+ InVision

+ Adobe XD

+ Figma

+ Principle

+ Zeplin

+ Adobe Illustrator

+ Adobe After Effects

+ Adobe Premier

+ Adobe Photoshop

+ Adobe Animate

+ Final Cut Pro

+ SVN, Git, Versions

+ Xcode

+ Jira, Pivotal, Wrike

+ Agile & Scrum

+ Shutterfly Shopping

+ Shutterfly Creation

+ Loop Messanger

+ Zynga Poker

+ FrontierVille

+ PirateVille

+ The Pioneer Trail

+ PetVille

+ Monopoly Bingo

+ Clue Bingo

+ Hungry Babies Mania

+ Frozen Frenzy

+ Restaurant Story 2

+ Dragon Story

+ Candy Blast Mania

+ Jewel Mania

+ Diamond Quest

+ Breaking Bread Recipe Book

+ Drift Sumi-e Racing


Available to work within the

San Francisco Bay Area


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