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Smart Photo Gathering (ML)

UX Strategy  + UX Design + Visual Design + Stakeholder Reviews

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Once a customer has uploaded photos and completed their project(s), they are mostly forgotten, resulting in low user return. By intelligently and intuitively gathering photos into automated sets, we can better encourage customers revisit, inspiring them to create new projects and order more products.


Shutterfly launched a new Kids category which includes products like school items, puzzles, home decor, and more. One of the more anticipated new items to be pushed for the holiday season was Personalized Storybooks which can be customized with names and personalized characters.

  • Increase user return

  • Increase amount of orders placed by individual users throughout the year (rather than 

  • Reduce drop-off during creation

  • Modernize dated interface

  • Create universal component used across all platforms



I asked our UX research team to run an audit of all our existing text-editing experiences across desktop and mobile. It was apparent that our text experience could be improved, but we needed to find solid examples of what we personally feel needs improvement. Below were their findings.

Multiple Variants
Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at 7.22.29 PM.png
  • 4 different editors used for various platforms and engines

  • Inconsistent design and functionality between all

  • All use modal metaphor

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