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  • An experience that can fit within one of our existing engines
    (avoid creating new metaphors that are unique to single product)


  • Properly organize content back end to present best personalization experience possible

  • Certain titles are more complex and present personalized content in unique ways
    (individual pages based of the letters of someone's name)


  • Offer new personalization options on our product information page

Early challenges were based on content's confidence in building out a DAM system that would support individual attributes. An alternative (not ideal) solution would have been to flatten out the character options causing users to hunt through a seemingly endless amount of choices.

Luckily we pushed back for the sake of good user experience, and the content team was able to work out the requested system...

Default View

  • ALL required information shown on default state (first tab)

  • Ideal character customization system in place.

Entering Details

  • Live updates to book when information is entered

Optional Details

  • After customers enter all required information, they are able to add the book to their cart

  • No penalization for not entering optional information, and book content is still high quality

Optional Details (Dedication Page)

  • Dedication page is also optional

  • Ability to add photo

  • Possibly add reminder to visit dedication page if we feel it can drive better conversion

Mobile Web Translation

  • Simplified to fit mobile devices

  • Uses translation similar to other products like cards and gifts

  • User-testing results find that it is easy to use

User Testing (Prototype):

  • We created prototypes for desktop and mobile

  • Testing showed excitement for product

  • Flow was very straight forward on both platforms

  • Most users navigated through all tabs

  • Usage of photos (dedication page) was low

Internal Test Fests:

  • Once the feature was in a sable state, we started running internal test fests to track down any bugs or inconsistencies with design

The team was on a tight deadline, and we found support short on both the commerce and content ends. I took time to fill in for those roles and created extra designs for our thumbnail and product information pages. I also helped content create and organize assets to be used within the store.

PIP Design

Thumbnail Page Design

Created Thumbnail Content for Store